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C&V Senior Care Specialists

Behavioral Health and Alzheimer's Care Experts

C&V provides onsite and online training, marketing strategy, and operational support as part of unique solutions for managing care for the rapidly growing elderly population. Our training programs will allow you to stand out in your local market, and we provide a variety of materials to help your clinical teams learn and grow as caregivers. 


There is a clear relationship between behavioral health and physical health. Some of the most common conditions treated in home health such as diabetes, congestive heart failure or COPD –  lend themselves to a higher rate of comorbid depression in individuals. Depression in home health patients is linked to additional medical illness and increased chronic pain. These same patients tend to be at a higher risk for re-hospitalization, poor quality of life and suicidal thoughts. The presence of Behavioral Health conditions are often overlooked leading to poor outcomes and escalating health care costs.


Organizations that can identify these issues early and address behavioral health issues often can successfully improve patient outcomes and reduce care costs, see fewer re-admissions and have more engaged consumers.


Challenging behaviors often lead family caregivers to place their loved ones at higher levels of care. Education provided by knowledgeable clinicians trained to C&V’s Alzheimer’s Whisperer℠ program can help maintain individuals at their current level of care and reduce caregiver stress while clinicians trained to the program receive knowledge of the disease process and a tool box of strategies to deal with challenging behaviors.


C&V Senior Care Specialists is made up of healthcare professionals with decades of experience in the industry across a variety of areas, ranging from operations to marketing to nursing and physical therapy. Our diverse experiences allow us to provide individualized approaches that meet the needs of each client. 

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