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Teaching Now Living: Part 2- Distraction

Yesterday afternoon Sarah received a call from her Mother stating that she could not put any weight on her leg. She was in horrible pain when she got off the bus earlier that day. Sarah and her sister both rushed to Ellie, finding her resting comfortably in her bed. Earlier Ellie had told her girls that she would remain in bed for the evening rather than meet any friends or family out, and rest her sore leg. But then the doorbell rang and her friend Charles's daughter-in-law was outside. She was there to take Ellie and her father-in law Charles out for dinner and a movie. Ellie quickly got out of bed and changed her clothes, with no mention of her leg pain off she went. When asked about her pain as she is walking out the door, Ellie replies, "I am fine."

TIP: This is a perfect example of the power of distraction with an individual living with Alzheimer's

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