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Teaching Now Living: Part 3- Time of Day Confusion

It seemed every day I would receive more and more calls from my mother, just to ask about the time of day. The early stages of Alzheimer's has had made it difficult for her to determine the time of day, whether it be morning or evening when she awoke from either her afternoon nap or her sleep for the night. This, unfortunately, is a commonality with the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, in an effort to help I purchased two clocks with time, date, and time of day (morning, afternoon, evening). The clocks have helped in increasing her independence. The clocks were such a help that she even asked me to purchase an additional clock for her 92 year old boyfriend, who was also starting to have difficulty with orientation to time of day when waking.

Tip: Adding a clock with time, date, and time of day can help a loved one remain independent and keep them in their own home.

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