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Come hear Dr. Craven,PT,MS,DPT at the Successful Aging: Race to the Win Conference in Greenville, So


A Caregiver’s Guide to Wandering – A Family and Community Dementia Tool Presenters: Kurt Boerner, President, McGruff Safe Kids, Wayzata, MN Amy Craven, PT,MS,DPT. of C & V Senior Care Specialists, Inc. Education and planning are at the heart of this workshop. One of the many concerns of caregivers for someone with dementia is the fear of wandering. This session teaches about wandering as it pertains to cognitive disorders. The presenter will discuss strategies that can be implemented now and how to create an action plan so that key identity information is available when needed. Surveys show that keeping a loved one with dementia at home longer and safely is a cherished goal of many family members. Being prepared to minimize the chances of wandering and knowing how to respond are vital to helping you achieve this goal. Workshop will also include an 8-10 minute showing of the film titled “Out Thinking Dementia.” Alzheimer’s disease because of its effect on memory, thinking and the increase of challenging behaviors can lead families to place loved ones at higher levels of care. Education to understand the difference between normal aging and Dementia is important. The knowledge to know where the person is cognitively and functionally in the disease can help caregivers more effectively deal with behaviors as they present in the progression of the disease. The theory of retrogenesis developed by Dr. Barry Reisberg at NYU can help caregivers understand the abilities and disabilities at different stages of the disease. Strategies to determine causes of behaviors in ADRD individuals can help to diminish the behaviors. Wandering is a challenging behavior that occurs in the middle stages of dementia. What are some cues to look out for that an individual may wander? What strategies can families/caregivers implement to prevent wandering?

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