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Teaching Now Living: Part 9-Importance of Sticking with a Routine or Schedule

Importance of Sticking with a Routine or Schedule

Ellie had a relative visit from out of town this completely disrupted her routine. The guest expected Ellie to go, go, go as she remembered from her younger days. After her departure, Ellie was confused, acted increasingly agitated and had trouble sleeping at night. This behavior continued for the following three weeks until Ellie was able to settle back into her routine.

Tip: People suffering from memory loss are more likely to succeed with familiarity. Maintaining a routine or schedule when possible will help to avoid increased confusion. Disruptions in daily routines can elevate loved one's anxiety and make it difficult to get back to a normal schedule once the disturbance is over. Daily routines provide us with a sense of comfort and control over our hectic day-to-day lives.

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