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C&V to speak at Pennsylvania Home Care Association

How COVID Increased Behavioral Health Needs and What Your Agency Can Do to Address Them

A mental health crisis triggered by COVID-19 is escalating rapidly. US adults are now 8 times more likely to meet criteria for experiencing serious mental stress. According to US. census bureau data as of May 2020, one third of Americans report symptoms of depression and anxiety. Suicide rates in some cities are predicted to be greater than deaths from COVID-19. Mental illness has profound effects on one’s ability to manage medical co-morbidities, thus having a trickle-down effect on quality of life, hospitalizations, and compliance. The traditional model of where people receive mental health has changed, and Home Health can play a major role in addressing this staggering unmet need.

Katherine Vanderhorst, PMH-BC, BSN, CCM, C&V Senior Care Specialists


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