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Teaching Now Living-Part 13-Repeating the same thing over and over

In the past month Elle has begun repeating the same statement or question over and over again. One of her grandsons recently installed a voice-controlled speaker that comes with Alexa integration. This has been a tremendous help. Elle can now ask Alexa to play her favorite artists music and this calms her and decreases the repetitive questions and statements. Elle has been using the weather forecasting feature on Alexa, which will state to her the temperature and forecast every morning when she asks. When Elle’s family or aid is not in the home it also gives her someone to talk to. Alexa helps answer many of her questions but she often asks when her aid Lauren is coming over which Alexa cannot answer. Using a white board calendar to clearly write days and times Lauren will be at the house has decreased this question as Elle can still read effectively.

Tip: The ability to read and recognize words is powerful and can help someone with Alzheimer’s remember what they have forgotten while helping a caregiver to maintain their patience.

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