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Join us on Illinois Home Care & Hospice Council Webinar Series

The 3 Ds: Dementia Depression and Delirium WEBINAR SERIES-

PART 1- Gain a greater understanding of Dementia, Delirium and Depression; how to assess and differentiate between them using CMS recommended tools. Cognitive impairments, depression and behavioral issues all have a huge impact on a patient’s ability to recover from illness. Having staff who can better understand the needs of their patients by establishing a baseline for their cognitive and mental status will assist an agency to identify the appropriate supports and plan of care for their patient’s needs and improve patient outcomes.

PART 2-Learn the tools/strategies to recognize, provide a comprehensive assessment to assess and differentiate between, provide care-planning guidance and utilize knowledge of appropriate intervention to effectively treat and differentiate between dementia, delirium and depression in the home.

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